Panthers News · NJSIAA Phase 1 Return to Play Guidelines – Learn More

On June 19, 2020 the NJSIAA published Phase 1 guidelines for a high school athletics return to play.  The guidelines were further updated this week with clarifications that must be followed.  Our Athletic Department is and will be working with our board of education, administration, and coaching staff to develop an action plan that is safe for our student-athletes.  These guidelines currently allow for a July 13th start date for the summer practice period.

The NJSIAA will require additional paperwork to be completed before allowing our student-athletes from competing.  All forms MUST be completed by all student-athletes AND all coaches that will be conducting and attending workouts.  Workouts are by no means are mandatory so please do not feel the need to participate.

The first form:  is the NJ Department of Education Health History Update and is only to be filled out once.  No student-athletes or staff members can be on a facility without this form filled out and handed in prior to the workouts starting.   These forms can be scanned and emailed to to the Athletic Office or Coach to be filed with our school nurse.  If there are any “YES” answers to the Covid-19 questions, we will need an additional physician clearance prior to returning to participation.

The second form: will be filled out daily during the pre-workout screenings.  A board approved employee will conduct the screening or the student-athlete can bring the daily screening form with them the day of the workout.  Again, if there are any “YES” answers, we will need an additional physician clearance prior to returning to participation.

This is a new process for all of us and we are working diligently to get all the details ironed out as the state guidelines continue to be released and we finalize our action plan for a safe return to play.  This is only for phase 1 and will most likely change for phase 2.  Attached below are daily screening protocols and guidelines we will be following, it has detailed information on how the process will work.  The athletic department staff will be setting up schedules that follow all safety screening and guidelines while maintaining proper social distancing.  All student-athletes, families, and staff members should read the following guidelines so they are aware of what is required during Phase 1 of the return to play period.


1) CGHS Daily Screening Protocols for Phase 1: CGHS Daily Screening Protocol Phase 1
2) NJSIAA Phase 1 Return to Play Guidelines: NJSIAA Phase 1 Return to Play Guidelines
3) NJSIAA Phase 1 Clarifications: NJSIAA Phase 1 Clarifications
4) NJ Department of Education Health History Update (In place of the Covid-19 Questionnaire): NJSIAA Health History Update
5) COVID-19 Daily Screening Questions: COVID-19 Daily Screening Questions